From getting to know each other and seeing if we’re a good fit for one another, to crafting amazing content and high-converting designs, you’ll quickly find that I’m very easy to work with.  Here’s how the process typically works:

 Schedule a Chat Session

discussI’m available over phone, Skype or email. Let me know a convenient date and time to meet with you and we can hop on a call or mail to discuss things in more detail. I’ll be doing a lot more listening than talking, and invite you to describe what you need done.

Share your business goals, what you’ve done in the past, what’s worked and what hasn’t.  I’ll ask about your business, your budget and your goals. If it looks like I can help you, I’ll get right to work determining the scope of the project, asking for clarification on certain parts, and basically presenting a plan of action along with a timeframe and estimate based on what you’ve shared.

If for some reason I don’t think I can help you, I will do my best to point you in the right direction or refer you to people who can. The truth is, I want you to succeed – even if I’m not the one helping you.

What you’ll get: A better understanding of what steps are needed to help improve your conversion rate and an actionable plan on getting there.


proposalDown Payment and Contract

To help prevent any misunderstandings, I’ll present everything in writing, including a proposal of costs and approximate milestones for delivery. I’ll also have a contract to sign which outlines everything we’ve discussed. During this time, I’ll also ask for a down payment to begin work (usually 50% of the total).

If you have an existing design, prototype or wireframe you’d like me to write around, I’ll ask for that too. If I’m creating the design or working with your team to create it, I’ll need the specific assets for those points (contact information of your developers/designers, any logos or photos you’d like me to incorporate, and so on).

I may also ask for access to your analytics account, so I can determine a current baseline of where you are versus where you should be, in terms of conversion rate.

What you’ll get: A proposal and contract outlining the total cost and milestones for delivery. Now you can sit back and relax as I jump into…


testConversion Optimization Mode

This is where the rubber meets the road. I’ll start delving into researching your target audiences and finding all the little psychological “hot buttons” that makes them tick. I’ll carefully watch and analyze your competition to see what they’re doing right (that you can learn from) – and pinpoint weak areas that you can capitalize on. If you've ordered a website review, you'll get concrete ideas on what steps you can take to start improving conversion rates right away.

Together, we’ll brainstorm potential split testing ideas, so you can see what your visitors resonate with and what they respond to. We’ll use the data we collect to continually build upon this testing foundation, growing your conversion rate and building relationships with your customers in the process.

What you’ll get: A proven, actionable plan that makes measurable progress in defining your brand and how its message relates to your target audience.


launchWe Have Liftoff!

By looking at the information we collect and making course corrections as we go, while testing out new ideas and strategies, you’ll start to see a clearer path toward the kind of conversions you want, along with content that spurs your visitors and customers to action.

From here, it’s simply a matter of making refinements, preparing new content and repurposing previous work in order to cast a wider net and reach more interested prospects.

What you’ll get: Solid results that you can build upon for future conversion optimization campaigns and improved content marketing strategies.


Ready to find out more?

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